A sweater, woven by machine or hand. Humans in primitive life use leaves, hides to clothing, live in fishery netting fish, just know the use of weaving techniques, with the invention of the evolution of civilization and science and technology, human not only make full use of all kinds of animals and plants and other natural fiber weave supplies for living, more developed a variety of chemical fiber and mineral fiber, make human life more convenient and comfortable.


Knitwear refers to the garment made from knitted equipment, so in general, wool, cotton, and all kinds of synthetic materials are woven into knitwear, which includes sweaters. Even people usually said vest, elastic unlined upper garment also is actually knit, so there are knitted T-shirt, but used to reason, a lot of people will knit when ordinary thin sweater, it is a big misunderstanding.

      What's the difference between a sweater and a sweater?

Sweaters belong in the category of knitwear.

The sweater is named after the clothing material. Knitwear is named after process (weaving), general underwear, cotton sportswear, socks and so on are knitted. Knitting can be wool or cotton.

Knitwear is a garment made from knitted equipment. A sweater is a kind of knitwear. A sweater is a sweater knitted with wool.

 ▌ 材质

The wool knitted variety of raw materials, according to the chemical and natural, chemical fiber, such as viscose, rayon, nylon, polyester, acrylic, etc., natural fibers such as wool, rabbit hair, camel hair, cashmere, cotton, hemp, silk, bamboo fiber, and so on.

Materials are divided into two categories: single and blended.

Consider the level from the material.

特初级High tech:羊驼毛(草泥马)alpaca





100% cashmere sweaters.

The cashmere comes out of the goat.

Popular science: when cashmere fiber content reaches 95% and above, it can be regarded as 100% cashmere, and can be marked as 100% cashmere.

    100% wool sweater (woolen sweater)

The wool goes out on the sheep.

Wool from sheep is called wool. The industry is called sheep wool. Even though it is very fine, we also call it wool, not velvet, but also fine wool.

    Cotton sweater (mostly knitwear)

棉的保暖性没有羊绒羊毛好,由于安宁性还不错,接纳粗织纱线体例的毛衣造型感和羊绒羊毛差未几(光芒感不如羊绒) 一样平常简便文艺女生比力喜好。
Cotton cloth is not good cashmere wool, comfort is good because it is over, with thick knit the sweater yarn preparation of modelling are similar to cashmere wool (burnish feels as cashmere) generally concise artistic girls prefer.

材质总结Material summary

The difference in appearance is not very large, mainly the difference of the degree of comfort.




毛衣 毛衣,以呆板或手工编织的毛线上衣。人类在原始生存中使用树叶、兽皮来蔽体,在渔牧生存中结网网鱼,就明白运用编织的技法,随着文明的演进与科技的创造,人类不但充实