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    丨 怎样搭配How to match

    Knitwear is very versatile, can easily create recreational, campus, recreational business style, give a person a kind of gentle feeling of gentle.

    ● 单穿针织衫knitwear

    And long sleeve T-shirt, sweater single wear can appear easily figure scale is not harmonious, and long sleeve covers the whole arm loose sense can give a person the sense of lethargy, if you are in a hurry to go out, can conveniently set on a single a knit unlined upper garment, that also please be sure to put on a round collar jumper, can at least result but do not break

    ● 搭配T恤With a T-shirt

    针织衫内搭T恤可以穿出休闲随性的觉得,如许搭配发起内浅外深,即T恤的颜色比针织衫浅,井井有条[jǐng jǐng yǒu tiáo]
    A T-shirt can be worn with a casual casual feel, so the collocation is shallow and deep, that is, the color of the T-shirt is lighter than the sweater.

    ● 搭配衬衫Tie-in shirt

    针织衫和衬衫是绝配,由于衬衫可以很好地烘托出针织衫文质彬彬[wén zhì bīn bīn]的觉得。
    Knitwear and shirt are perfect, because the shirt can be a good foil to the feeling of the sweater.




    丨 怎样搭配 针织衫十分百搭,可以轻松打造出休闲、校园、休闲商务作风,给人一种文雅温顺的觉得。 ● 单穿针织衫 和长袖T恤差未几,针织衫单穿很容易会显得身体比例不和谐,且