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    丨 怎样挑选How to choose

    ● 面料The fabric
    Most commonly used yarn materials: cotton and wool.

    Knitted cotton: fabric made of cotton thread and knitted fabric.

    It inherits cotton's elasticity, softness, air permeability and crease resistance. It is not easy to get the ball and wear well.


    Wool: most of the advantages of knitted cotton, and more soft and fluffy than cotton.

    Wool can also be divided into a lot of kinds, common are cashmere, merino wool, sheep boy, from goat cashmere comb of villi, simple sense is best, the most warm, so the price of the cashmere sweater is the most expensive, merino wool is more slender, shirt to thin, smooth texture, and the sheep wang MAO is more thick, suitable for thicker, good warm sweater.




    ● 称身fit
    The knitwear itself is flexible and comfortable to wear, and it is suggested to choose a version that is fit for the body. On the contrary, wearing loose knitwear will make people listless.

    When clothes fit, clothes and body have a little space, convenient inside to wear shirt, also can form a few fold, show knitwear natural, soft aesthetic feeling.




    丨 怎样挑选 ● 面料 最常用的纱线质料有:棉和羊毛 针织棉:以棉线为质料,利用针织织法构成的面料 承继了棉的伸缩性、柔软性、透气性、防皱性 针织棉不容易起球,比力耐穿 羊